Play, Earn, Repeat

Megopoly is an MMO board game where thousands of players move around a giant Monopoly-like board, play, and earn Bitcoin.

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Game Currency

Play Anywhere

The game was designed with the latest technology so you can play virtually anywhere you have an internet connection. Play on the go from your mobile phone and laptop or at home from your desktop computer.

Persistent World

Megopoly is a virtual city that continues to develop even when you are offline. Your gameplay continues as other players engage in the gameplay and interact with properties.

Massively Multiplayer

The original Monopoly game was designed for 8 players. In Megopoly, the number of players is unlimited. The more players join, the more the in-game economy evolves, and the more fun and profit each player gets out of the game.

Dynamic Economy

Megopoly players invest, share the wealth, and prosper together. When players land on Property spaces, they can become shareholders of those Properties by purchasing shares. Shareholders collect rent from other players who land on their Properties. As players earn in-game currency, they can cash it out to Bitcoin.